26 - An A to Z of Sydney's Suburbs

I am lucky enough to live in an incredibly lively, colourful and vibrant place. A place that called me from the other side of the world almost 17 years ago! What better way to chronicle my place, the beautiful city of Sydney, than in the best way I know how - through the eye of a lens. Inspired by Louise Hawson's photoblog-book-exhibiton '52 Suburbs', my latest photography project is getting me all stirred up and ready to explore places in Sydney that are new to me aswell as those that I may have lived and worked in, visited or stumbled across before. I'm buzzing at the thought of where this will take me in both a physical and creative sense! Although my project will be an A to Z of Sydney's suburbs, it will be an A to Z in no particular order and more than likely have more than 26 suburbs. Well as I keep reminding myself, it's mine to do with what I will... there are no rules!

August 2011

Hunters Hill
Watsons Bay

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