Wednesday, 17 October 2012

snap it {admire}

What's not to admire in a daughter who has been so diligent in revising for exams this week. Her work ethic is incredible and one that is beyond her fourteen years. She even took these notes to the Sydney FC match on Saturday. Why you may ask... well, to do a bit of revision at half time of course! 

Link with snap it {admire} at Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love


  1. That's very impressive, hope exams go well!

  2. Hi Apri,
    Wondered how you are? I always check your blog for a new post. Will you be back?
    Take care,


    1. I will be back... just had to take a break for a while as I've been busy with family and work. All the usual I guess, but need to get back into the creative zone. Thanks for looking out for me!