Monday, 17 September 2012


It was interesting to go through my collection of photographs and discover that I spend so much time filling the frame that I sometimes forget to consider how space can actually enhance the quality of an image and emphasise the subject. I'll be making a point of exploring this further with my photography and adding  to my 'toolkit'.

I begin then, with Space itself and a photo I took of a lunar eclipse back in 2008. 

With the sky as space, the theme continues in the picture-postcard-blue that provides a background for cherry blossoms, a lighthouse picnic and a pub sign.

It is all too easy to take portraits and place your subject slap bang in the centre; however, off to one side can really break up the predictability and emphasise character.

Textured backgrounds can really bring out a subject, and the more you see of that gravelly, rocky and brick space the more interesting the subject can end up looking.

Finally, a scene that is mostly space. It's sometimes hard to imagine that you could capture the elements of a landscape if most of what is photographed is space. You usually expect to see it filled with well, 'scenery'. But sometimes less is more - and more space is the key. I think in this photograph it just works so well.

Link to Kat Eye Studio


  1. Great shots, your lunar eclipse is stunning. love the blue sky shots & your B&W portraits make good use of space. And Sydney Harbour Bridge - always beautiful.

  2. Super examples of finding space, Arpi! My faves are the bridge and the lighthouse. You are so right about setting the people off center -- it really does add visual interest.

  3. WOW, this serie is just GREAT.

  4. Excellent examples Arpi! I really love your comment about portraits, and how adding space adds interest. You certainly proved your point! Gorgeous silhouette at the end too. The space gives a better sense of scale, and increased impact. Thanks for joining in Exploring with a Camera this month!

  5. Oh wow! These are really great! You take beautiful portraits and used the space so well! I love the last one...stunning silhouette!

  6. These are all wonderful images! The space you allowed in the portrait images really makes them even better.